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  we provide you with the most effective tools to regain control over your company's finances:   we help you integrate innovative tools into your sports organisation's marketing strategy:
    financial dashboard     digital-strategy benchmarking
    financial-planning process     leveraging of digital presence
    budgeting process     visibility on social networks
    expense-monitoring process     effective community management
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  mangano management - contact us  
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  we reassess with you the way your company operates, and identify the best ways to accelerate its growth:   we assist you in the recruitment, development and retention processes for your company's key talent:
    business-process redesign     talent selection & screening
    organisational redesign     career-path development
    targeted restructuring    

leadership-development tools

    (re-)design of operational dashboards / balanced scorecards / k.p.i.s     performance-review process
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  finance management - chart p.o., nutrition co. case study - p.o.

financial projections & dashboard

"we didn't really know where we were burning cash; thanks to our financial dashboard, we now take the right strategic decisions - and got €1m in funding. well worth the investment"