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personal productivity - army knife

  • "getting things done" (gtd) methodology
    • how can a methodology such as gtd help me grow, in my professional and private life?
    • what are the basic and advanced elements of gtd, and how can I put them in place?
    • can someone with relevant experience help me implement effectively the gtd methodology?
  • productivity-level diagnosis
    • i feel overwhelmed by the myriad of things that I need to do – what makes me feel this way?
    • how can i regain a relaxed sense of perspective about my projects and priorities?
    • can someone help me review thoroughly and systematically my personal-productivity level?
  • productivity tools
    • what are the respective merits of the on-/ and offline personal-productivity tools available?
    • how can I know which personal-productivity tool would be right for me?
    • can someone help me select, use and tweak the most appropriate tools?

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mangano management consulting & coaching - core values we consistently apply our core values to every engagement, with every client:
  • proven expertise in our field
  • cost-effective involvement
  • results-oriented action

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case study:


personal productivity

case study - stopwatch
individual:   young entrepreneur
sector:   high tech/internet
work experience:   10 years
  • constant feeling of overload
  • lack of perspective on projects & priorities
  • tendency to procrastinate
  • "getting things done" - full implementation
  • consistently empty inbox
  • complete control over open projects
  • spectacular productivity boost
delivered?   case study - check mark

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