workforce managementyou work hard for your small or medium-sized business (s.m.e.).
you deserve to have access to the same competences as large corporations -
at a fraction of the price.

we provide you with tailored tools and solutions (see below),
which allow your s.m.e.
to focus on what it does best:
serve its own customers - more successfully.

workforce management
workforce management  
who  is our typical client ?
    switzerland-based s.m.e., possibly active in other european countries
    knowledge-intensive, services or consumer-goods business, eur 2–50 mio annual turnover
    growing fast and/or needing to rapidly seize new opportunities/expand into new markets
    slowed down by underperformance and/or insufficient motivation/development of key members of its workforce
    limited internal resources to handle h.r.-specific functions (especially recruitment, performance review, training & development)t
what  do we do for them ?
    assist them in the recruitment and/or identification of their key talents
    turn the performance-review process into one of their core business processes
    allow them to retain their key talents by identifying (and responding to) their main development needs
    remotivate key members of their workforce by providing them with a clear career-growth perspective
how  do we do that ?
    leverage our multiple years of experience and extended network to effectively screen and select key talents
    design & implement a comprehensive, user-friendly performance-review process
    assess key talents' most pressing and/or critical development needs
    select and roll out the most appropriate leadership-development tools
    sketch a realistic, medium-term career path for the company's key talents
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core values

mangano management - core values we consistently apply our core values to every engagement, with every client:
  • proven expertise in our field
  • cost-effective involvement
  • results-oriented action

we become our clients' trusted partners, and allow them to focus on their core business

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case study:


workforce management

workforce management
sector/industry:   metal-based manufacturing
development stage:   long-established (> 50 years)
employees:   > 50'000
  • no standardised europe-wide development process for "emerging leaders"
  • little cross-fertilisation of skillsets between b.u.s
  • potential demotivation of key talents
  • standardised, sustainable selection & development process for "emerging leaders" across europe
  • institutionalised cross-b.u. exchange program
  • re-energised pool of key talents
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