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some say that consultants
are keen to keep their
knowledge to themselves ...

preconception 4 - knowledge
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here are the main areas in which
our consultants have accumulated the


here are the main environments where
our consultants have accumulated their


which they are ready to share with you:


over many years of practice:

  • change management
  • financial planning & controlling
  • business-process optimisation
  • organisational redesign
  • project management
  • shared-services management
  • intra-/entrepreneurship
  • digital marketing
  • sports-organisation management
  • team management
  • leadership development
  • mckinsey & co., inc.
  • alcoa, inc.
  • j.p. morgan & co., inc.
  • london school of economics
  • geneva & lausanne universities
  • swiss graduate school of public administration
    (sports management)
  • diverse geographies & cultural backgrounds
    (russia, switzerland, u.k., france, italy, spain, germany, netherlands, central europe, u.s.a.)
see how we can help you see how we can help you  see how we can help you see how we can help you