sports managementyou work hard for your small/medium-sized sport organisation.
you deserve to have access to the same competences as larger corporations -
at a fraction of the price.

we provide you with tailored marketing tools and solutions (see below),
which allow your organisation
to focus on what it does best:
serve its own constituents - more successfully.

sports management
sports management  
who  is our typical client ?
    switzerland-based sports organisation, with multi-national (e.g. pan-european or worldwide) focus
    sports federation, sports-events' organising committee or sports club, eur 2–50 mio annual budget
    needing to reposition and/or rebrand the sport or event it represents
    not totally satisfied with digital/online component of current marketing strategy
    limited internal resources available for strategic and/ or operational marketing, especially formulation & implementation of digital-marketing strategy
    insufficient internal capabilities in the area of online community management
what  do we do for them ?
    allow them to evaluate objectively the digital component of their marketing strategy
    optimise their online visibility, leveraging (when appropriate) targeted social-networking platforms
    help them reshape and adjust the perception of the sport or event they represent
    assist them in the ramp-up and effective management of their on- and offline community
how  do we do that ?
    benchmark thoroughly their current digital-marketing strategy, and assess its consistency with their overall marketing strategy
    outline & roll out a targeted methodology to cost-effectively leverage their digital presence
    integrate leading-edge, innovative tools into their marketing operations
    develop & monitor dedicated, internal community-management capabilities
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we also write periodically about
the financial, marketing or strategic aspects
of the management of sports (mostly with a european focus)
in our
sports management blog.

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