growth managementyou work hard for your small or medium-sized business (s.m.e.).
you deserve to have access to the same competences as large corporations -
at a fraction of the price.

we provide you with tailored tools and solutions (see below),
which allow your s.m.e.
to focus on what it does best:
serve its own customers - more successfully.

growth management
growth management  
who  is our typical client ?
    switzerland-based s.m.e., possibly active in other european countries
    services or consumer-goods business, eur 2–50 mio annual turnover
    growing fast and/or needing to rapidly seize new opportunities/expand into new markets
    unsatisfactory profitability and/or cost structure
    insufficient internal resources to flesh out and deploy a solid business-development strategy
what  do we do for them ?
    position them ideally to leverage significant growth opportunities
    design & implement with them a lean organisational structure
    assist them in managing complex organisational- or structural-change processes
    provide them with effective operational monitoring tools
how  do we do that ?
    assess business-development options & help management formulate a consistent growth strategy
    streamline business processes to make them consistent with operational targets 
    reformat organisational structures for operational effectiveness
    apply proven change-management expertise to facilitate required organisational and/or process realignments
    develop & roll out customized operational dashboards / balanced scorecards
    design tailored monitoring tools for key operational metrics (k.p.i.s)
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core values

mangano management - core values we consistently apply our core values to every engagement, with every client:
  • proven expertise in our field
  • cost-effective involvement
  • results-oriented action

we become our clients' trusted partners, and allow them to focus on their core business

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case study:


growth management

growth management
sector/industry:   large-scale fish trading
development stage:   early-stage structure (<2 years)
employees:   20
  • unsatisfactory profitability & growth rate
  • insufficient operational controls
  • inadequate management decision-making tools
  • comprehensive vertical-integration strategy
  • targeted business-process redesign
  • streamlined operational structure
  • extensive management information system..
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